As a certified Coach, I partner with corporate professionals and entrepreneurs interested in both reflecting inward and taking action in order to move their career or business to the next level in a way that is powerful, sustainable and completely customized.

Engaging me as your Coach, you can expect to identify business aspirations that inspire you, create a workable strategy to reach your goals and use me as a silent partner to hold you accountable for implementing the plan you’ve created.

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That’s SO Not Okay

“Civility costs nothing and buys everything”, wrote Lady Mary Wortley Montagu hundreds of years ago in recording her world travel experiences. “Mind your manners”, our parents reminded us in an effort to teach us to be respectful of others and garner respect for ourselves.  Despite this time-tested wisdom and first-hand guidance, however, we still see 21st century adults with respected professional titles exhibit behaviour in the workplace that throws etiquette out the window. I’m talking about outbursts that more resemble … READ MORE