Everyone defines success differently. My goal is to help my clients get a clear, compelling picture of where they want to go, help them customize a plan to get there as quickly as possible and hold them accountable to following through.

Here’s a sample of what my clients say it’s like to work with me:

“Rachel understands what makes people and businesses tick. To help them achieve their purposes, she artfully uncovers and holds them to the challenge of their own standards: their innate standards – not the diluted or jaded ones they’ve become accustomed to. My team and clients have noticed and welcomed the improvements Rachel has helped to bring about.”

— Matthew McGuire, National Anti Money Laundering Practice Leader, MNP

“Deciding to enlist the help of a coach was an easy decision for me, but what I gained from Rachel’s guidance and coaching was beyond my expectations. Her ability to help me re-frame my thinking was most helpful, and she was compassionate, yet, in her own way, tough when she needed to be.”

— Anita Chau, Director of Advertising, Travelocity

“Rachel was a great resource to bounce ideas, challenges and approaches off of. I found she asked great questions, followed up and held me accountable. Rachel was very easy to work with, had great insights, challenged my thinking and provided significant value. She was flexible in her own thinking, was supportive and forced me to think differently. We quickly identified common ground, built on existing strengths and moved the bar forward after every conversation.”

— Marc Hollenberg, Vice President and Business Leader, Customer Experience, American Express

“If you’re reading this, you’re exploring the idea of Executive Coaching and specifically, whether to work with Rachel. My advice: Don’t hesitate. Call her now. Start the journey. As I did, with her expert guidance, you will discover new insights into yourself, set new goals, and come up with realistic strategies to help you reach them.”

— Eric Gall, Creative Lead (Paypal, Grand & Toy, Cibc, Rogers), Publicis Modem

“I chose Rachel as my Executive Coach based on her profile and have had a very positive experience over the past year. She identified a number of areas for growth and held me accountable for my progress. She is a great asset to anyone looking to accelerate their career or grow within their current role.”

— Trevor Moses, Vice President Of Operations, Laser Networks

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rachel on a series of thorny people and strategic business challenges. She has a knack for identifying the nub of an issue, teasing out appropriate courses of action and adding just the right amount of theory and science along the way.”

— Gavin King, Chief of Staff, Office of the President, Server & Tools, Microsoft

“[Rachel] is knowledgeable, experienced and diligently seeks to understand your needs well before taking on her assignment. She also is a very patient and sincere person who works carefully to perform the best service possible for her clients. She has inspired me to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.”

— Niel Halbig, Partner, Jarvis Ryan Associates, Ca’s

“The biggest value [of coaching with Rachel] is sharing thoughts and feedback on career ambitions, and having an experienced career coach assist in reviewing a holistic approach to desired outcomes. The experience helped me in managing through my career transition into a new role, and further developed my networking skills and work-life balance needs.”

— Robert Doi, Director – Solutions Incentives, WW Partner Group, Microsoft

“From acting as a sounding board to pushing your natural abilities in discovering the potential of your professional life Rachel is a top notch coach. She helped me understand and assemble the pieces of my life puzzle so that I am better equipped to manage my professional and personal life. The best part is that the results were immediate…”

— Marino Fremis, Director – Finance Transformation Lead, Consulting & Deals, PwC

“Rachel delivers keen insights and results to her clients. She is professional and passionate about her work, so coaching sessions with her not only result in valuable self-reflection, but are enjoyable too. Working with Rachel, I was able to make significant changes to my career path over a very short period of time.”

— Liz Samson, Director, Business Design (Payments & Cards), RBC

“The ability to bring together 4 people who have been at 4 separate corners in their work relationships was something I did not think remotely possible…you were absolutely amazing in your ability to accomplish that…”

— Executive Team Member, (Anonymous)

…”[Rachel] put me at ease right from the get go. I found her advice and counsel particularly helpful in interpreting my 360 assessment and setting goals for improvement. Rachel was able to draw out of me an insight that was so valuable and enlightening, it has changed my entire outlook on my leadership practice. Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and business acumen to the table….”

— Steve Mathew, Principal Consultant; Author of ‘The ACT of Change Management’, MDM Consulting Group

“Rachel definitely armed me with a tool kit that allowed me to move up to the next level.”

— Joanne Fernandes, Director, Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Services, Rouge Valley Health System

“The [coaching] process and end result were beyond my expectations. Rachel’s insights, business sense and guidance allowed me to reframe my mindset and refocus my energy where most meaningful and effective for me. She has played an invaluable role in my career and personal growth.”

— Ruth Elnekave, JD, MBA

Rachel is a very intelligent, perceptive and effective Executive Coach. She worked with me this year to identify priority areas for my ongoing professional development, develop action plans and monitor progress against these. I found her to be clear minded, highly principled, and very good at asking penetrating questions to get past any fuzzy thinking on my part. I enjoyed working with Rachel and have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

— Payam Pakravan, Vice President, Strategy and Planning, Ontario Telemedicine Network

It was a pleasure and privilege to have Rachel as my coach. Rachel has a unique capability of envisioning situations and organizational dynamics through the descriptions of the coachee while acting as a great sounding board. I enjoyed the assignments and references Rachel provided and looked forward in anticipation to each session. I felt that we successfully achieved the goals of our coaching engagement. I plan to reach out to Rachel in the future and would highly recommend her as an executive coach.

— G.E., COO, Healthcare Industry

Rachel is an excellent coach. She demonstrates a rare combination of being bold and empathetic at the same time. This helps client to think out of the box, move away from the comfort zone and take steps to get to the next level.

— Loretta Hoi, Director of Finance at Bereskin & Parr LLP

“[As a Sponsor of a coaching engagement for a direct report], I was impressed with Rachel’s ability to quickly size up the assignment. She gave me regular progress reports, solicited my feedback, had check-in points and was overall super to work with and very approachable. I would highly recommend Rachel.”

— Azmina Jiwani, Appointed Actuary, RBC Insurance

Rachel is an incredible Executive Coach who I have turned to repeatedly and recommended for her level headed counsel in approaching career decisions and other professional and management related scenarios. Rachel is especially effective because her approach to coaching is goal oriented and she maintains an incredibly high level of personal integrity.

Rachel is both empathetic and highly emotionally intelligent. These attributes in combination with her experience as a former marketing and HR professional make her incredibly well equipped to deal with almost any challenge. Executive coaching often comes at a high personal expense and I can attest that Rachel’s counsel is well worthwhile. I have personally grown and also seen many other examples of entrepreneurs hatched, managers improved and employees developed as a direct result of her engagement.

— Chantal Rossi Badia, Head of Industry, Entertainment, Google