What if I want to hire you to Coach one of my direct reports/employees?

Coaching is a very popular, effective tool for accelerating an employee’s learning and growth. Employers call me to work with new leaders, valuable people who have plateaued or those who have an issue that might be a hindrance to their success. Most often, I work with professionals identified as “high-potential”, whose managers want to accelerate and support their development.

I can meet with the manager, the employee [the “Coachee”], or both, in setting meaningful goals for the coaching sessions. Please just keep in mind that although you are the paying client, I am ultimately dedicated to the Coachee’s agenda in our sessions, since pushing my own agenda or your agenda would contradict my role as an unbiased Coach. All my sessions are strictly confidential, so employers or managers requiring reports on the session content typically ask the Coachee to fill them in to the extent they are comfortable.