What’s a typical coaching session like?

I always start by asking, “What do you want coaching on today?” Even though we may have established a larger goal, on that particular day you might have a more specific focus. For example, an obstacle that popped up, tackling the next mini-goal or re-prioritizing things based on new information.

Then we’ll chat. I’ll use my expertise to ask you powerful questions to help you to clarify the issue in the context of the broader picture and establish your next move.

I am completely unbiased, non-judgmental and supportive, but I will not let you away with selling yourself short. Like a star athlete’s Coach, I will both challenge you and cheer you on. I’ll hold you accountable to what you commit to doing.

Whatever takes place our sessions is completely confidential, and will remain so even after the coaching engagement has ended. I also keep my client list private unless I have explicit permission from a client to use their name.

I’m interested in your coaching. How many sessions do I need?
I generally ask new clients to sign up for 8 sessions over 3-6 months to give themselves a chance to set goals and see some significant results from coaching. That’s the rule of thumb I use for affecting real change, but depending on what you want to accomplish with the help of a Coach, the timeline could be shorter, longer or open-ended.