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A hobby’s not a hobby if you’re paid for it.

A caution to American Idol contestants dreaming of a record contract… science says if you are paid for your hobby, you will lose pleasure in it! To many, the inspiring “do what you love and the rest will follow”, expression means that if you’re committed enough, a paycheque will come out of something you’re doing […]

If you’re Happy and you know it, you’ve got a leg up.

We’ve got it backwards: happiness leads to success, not the other way around. In the book The Happiness Advantage by Psychologist Shawn Achor, he lays out the scientific evidence: – Positive-thinking doctors make accurate diagnoses 19% faster – Optimistic salespeople outsell others by 56% – Students primed to feel happy before tests outperform their peers. – Happier people […]


    “I don’t belong here.” “I don’t really know what I’m doing.” “I can’t believe they think I’m capable of that.” “They have no idea I’m faking it.” I have heard these confessions from people at all stages of their career, from new grads to senior executives. It can show up as occasional pangs […]

This year, make your time count for more

2013 will have 525,600 minutes. In honour of reminding us that we have a finite amount of time to make this year the best yet, here’s a “lucky 7” shortlist of some of the simplest, most effective time management behaviours that you can implement right away: 1) Pick up the phone or book a meeting if […]

Lights out

The power went out at the coffee shop I’m working at. A short while later, the generator kicks in and in dim light, coffee is being made and served. There’s no music, no noise of fancy frothing and blending machines. The manager and his staff needed to quickly prioritize what he would use the limited […]

Create your own “High Potential” program

“High Potential” programs are a great way for companies to recognize talented workers who would make good future leaders. Increasingly, organizations are singling out their best workers in this way, and with the label comes extra training and opportunities. There’s certainly a pride that comes with being recognized, and high-potential employees, more often then not, […]