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Let’s get specific…

Picture this. Obama and Romney look to their right-hand man for the results of their efforts in the US Presidential campaign. “How’d we do?” they ask their respective people. Obama’s guy says, “you won!” Romney’s guy says, “you lost.” The feedback is succinct and accurate. On the other end of the spectrum, we have this: […]

Sometimes you just need to Rant!

  As a relationship-oriented leader in your organization you focus on having meaningful, productive conversations with your peers and staff. You work on encouraging new ideas and being collaborative for the sake of getting to great solutions. But it’s not always about solutions or action. The important task of building relationships in your workplace means […]

Fill in the Blank

Have you ever been asked a question that’s so simple, but so deep it stumps you for a second? Here’s one: “Fill in the blank: ‘before I die I want to ______;” (Granted, it’s not technically a question….) Now what if you could survey gobs of strangers with the same inquiry? Do you wonder what […]

Back to School

  Regardless of whether you have kids, my sense is that as August turns into September, we all get that “back to school” feeling. We buckle down and get a little more serious about our work after weeks of being pulled outside by summer…. be it long lunches, long weekends or long breaks. And there’s […]

Who says work has to be Fulfilling?

So this could change everything. A client sent me this HBR blog today entitled, “Who Says Work has to be Fulfilling?” I guess if the answer is, “it doesn’t”, then this client and many others of my coaching clients have been wasting their energy! My instinct is that this kind of thinking gives too many […]

More Than A Fridge Magnet

We’re all busy trying to reach lofty professional and personal goals. It’s what ambitious people do. I am so thrilled to be a part of these journeys everyday with my clients. I witness it being exciting, scary, invigorating and challenging. A future orientation keeps us all motivated and focused, and as a Coach, I encourage […]