In honour of all of you whose new year’s resolution resolve has faded, this post is about a better way to set yourself up for success this year. Your life is multi-dimensional and your annual goals should be, too. We all know what happens when we say things like, “this is the year I lose 20 lbs!” Even if you stick with it and make it happen, it’s pretty wearing to make everything, the whole year through about a singular goal. There is so much more to who you are and who you’re striving to be.

It’s why I suggest to my clients that they create not one, but EIGHT goals to represent the various important areas of life. Below, I’ve described suggested “life categories”, and some questions that can help bring your aspirations into focus.

  1. Health

How do I want my body to feel by the end of the year?

How do I want to feel about my body by the end of the year?

In what way to I want to measure progress toward increased physical wellbeing?

  1. Fun and Recreation

What’s missing in my life in terms of FUN and PLAY?

What do I want to add (or add back) in this year to compliment other ways I spend my time?

  1. Personal Relationships (Friends, Family, Spouse)

How satisfied am I with the state of my key personal relationships?

What does a great relationship with [my spouse, my Mom, my buddy Paul] look like?

What tangible thing can I do to move us in that direction?

  1. Physical Environment

To what extent does my home, my city, my workplace setting bring me joy?

What’s the smallest change that could have the biggest impact here?

What’s the biggest change I could make and what would it take?

  1. Career

How am I defining career success for myself this year?

What am I wiling to do to get there and what are the most effective first steps?

What am I NOT willing to do?

  1. Money

What role will money play in my life this year?

What can I control when it comes to my money and how can I make peace with what I can’t control?

  1. Personal Growth & Learning

In 10 years’ time, what do I want to be very skilled at?

To what extent can I realistically enhance my capabilities or knowledge this year to support this longer-term target?

  1. Being (You’ll see where I’m going with this one…)

How do I want BE this year to support my success? (eg: positive, focused, grateful, easy on myself, etc.)

Find an official place to record your annual goals, and go for it. Since you got a little bit of a late start, set a reminder to check in half way, in August. But the most important question to consider in goal setting of any type is: Who will I ask to hold me accountable?