blamevaraia via flickr

blamevaraia via flickr

One of the things I love the most about coaching is that each conversation is something entirely new.  In the process of relating to my clients, and helping them relate to themselves in a different way, I have palpable learning moments again and again.

What’s common among my experiences is sitting across the table from individuals who have a strong desire to be themselves, have a great impact on their world and perform at a level of which their truest self can be proud.

I’ve also started to see trends among the new things my clients have invited into their lives to support positive change.  In other words, things that make life easier while on their way to big things.

Here’s a sampling of “What’s New” according to my observations:

The telephone is the new technology
Break through the clutter by calling. That’s right! The phone! Virtual teams are in, but it doesn’t mean that relating in real time is out. Connection to your team is fundamental as a leader, and hearing someone’s voice can be as personal as shaking their hand. Not to mention how much ground you can cover in a short conversation.

Brunch is the new dinner
Socializing on the weekend is important to keep ties with those in your personal life. Weekend dinners often take a toll on the credit card, the liver and your precious sleeping hours. Seems like brunch is gaining ground because it’s smart, and fun, and, well, there are waffles.

Coaching is the new training
My clients are spending PD dollars on coaching. And they’re doing it for their teams. As you can imagine, I’ve had the business case for coaching memorized for years, but I think it’s happening more and more now because as people experience coaching, they let others know just how impactful it can be. They learn about themselves during the journey in a way they can’t in a classroom, and it’s something they have for life.

Renting is the new buying
This may be a “Toronto” thing, but the housing market is still ridiculous, and even accomplished professionals with salaries that are nothing to sniff at are choosing to rent housing. For now, anyway. “Who made this rule that everyone needs to own property?” is the new top-of-mind question. (And suddenly they have permission to stop burning hours on MLS).

Sitting is the new smoking
There’s an acceptable new trend around escaping to stretch one’s legs, have a catch-up meeting while walking, ordering standing desks (check out this standing-only office! ) and having innovative contests at work that involve pedometers. It’s not just the latest HR thing. Leaders are choosing to set great examples. 

Entrepreneurship is the new corner office
Want to eventually do your own thing? You’re definitely not alone. There’s an excitement around creativity and possibility in discussing entrepreneurship that is often even more powerful than talking about C-suite ambitions.

Meditation is the new exercise
I’ll tell you a secret: a bunch of those folks on the subway with their earbuds in are listening to guided meditations, calming nature sounds, or nothing at all. They’re paying attention to what’s going on for them in the moment, and it will help reduce their stress level, manage their emotions, increase their focus and their creativity. Looking for a very down-to-earth way to get started? Try the “Headspace” app:

“Orange is the New Black”.
This and other addictive TV series are taking over! But the trend’s a positive one: people can control when this downtime is, and be super satisfied when they sit down instead of channel surfing. Allowing for total downtime and admitting it is gaining acceptance. “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”, as they say.

Go ahead – try something new today!