So this could change everything. A client sent me this HBR blog today entitled, “Who Says Work has to be Fulfilling?” I guess if the answer is, “it doesn’t”, then this client and many others of my coaching clients have been wasting their energy!

My instinct is that this kind of thinking gives too many people an easy out. I mean, who says life has to be fulfilling?

Yes, now I’m just being cheeky. But I respect that the initial question was raised because it challenges an assumption a lot of us have, and I like challenging assumptions; it’s what I do as a Coach.

What do you think would happen if the next time someone comes to me and says, “Can you coach me toward something bigger, better, more fulfilling in my 9-5?”, I ask them, “who says work has to be fulfilling?” Assuming I have the guts to ask, my ideal client would boldly say, “I do.” And from there, no doubt, a satisfying and successful journey will begin! View article here