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Why High Achievers Hate the First 90 Days

It’s common knowledge that the first 90 days in a role are crucial for establishing oneself. As a leader, it’s the time for learning about your new team and environment, making connections and taking the first actions that will contribute to your budding reputation in this new context. Some are able to glide through this […]

Being your Best is a Matter of Time

Oh the things I could accomplish if I just had more time! Time is our common enemy. It’s limited, and us ambitious folk don’t like to be told there are limits! But here’s the truth. If I could teleport, outsource grocery shopping, and hire a personal assistant (2/3 of which I could choose to do, I […]

The Tale of the Superstar and the Lazy team

You may have heard this one before. You know – the one where there’s a leader who gives 110% and has a team that is just barely meeting expectations? If you’re that leader with the high bar who is asking themselves why their people don’t show full dedication, this is for you. I hear you, […]

Win support for your ideas in 30 minutes or less.

“If only someone would listen to me!” is something I hear a lot. We all know you don’t have to be the CEO to have brilliant ideas and a passion for what’s possible for your organization. In fact, it’s often those closer to the day-to-day action who can best identify improvements to business operations and […]


A client of mine just painlessly reduced his e-mail volume by 50%. And here’s how it came about. Self-described as “completely stressed out”, I asked this client to notice what goes on for him when he does what he says causes him the most stress: tackling his InBox. A relatively young senior leader in a large organization, […]

Help: My team puts me down for my lack of credentials

Reposted from the Globe and Mail’s “Nine To Five” advice column Reader Question:  I work in a small IT company and have since it started. I do not have a university education, I learned everything by being hands on. I can fill almost any position in the department, except for coding. However, my lack of […]