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Up your Networking Game

When it comes to “networking” in the traditional sense, there’s certainly a spectrum of opinions about it. There are those who love it and can’t help but do it everywhere they go (stereotypical extrovert; think: Sales guy) and those who dismiss, even despise the concept (stereotypical introvert, think: Actuary). But “networking” is simply a buzzword […]

Being penalized because you don’t work at HQ?

In my latest contribution to Globe and Mail’s Nine to Five column, my hope was to open up for this reader various options in a situation that seemed extremely limited, and help highlight his power to choose. The Question: For years I’ve been a hard worker at a U.S.-based global IT corporation where I have earned […]

Should you share what you’ve heard?

You learn something startling about a new hire’s past. What do you do? Here’s what I recommended when the question was posed to me in the Globe and Mail’s 9-5 Career Advice column… Reader Question: My company recently announced the hiring of a new vice-president. The announcement mentioned that this new hire had previously worked […]

With friends like these….

Your supportive friend, your hard-working colleague and even your loving partner may unknowingly be sabotaging your pursuit of a personal and professional growth. And you are thanking them for it! Think about it. How many times have you shared an “I’m so ridiculously busy” story with a friend? You support each other, wish out loud […]

Should I stay or should I go?

Last week I again had the chance to contribute to the “Nine to Five” column in the Globe and Mail. This one was challenging to answer because I found myself just dying to ask more questions about this person and his/her experiences in order to facilitate the self-reflection necessary to make decisions in tough situations […]

Mind your Manners

You say “please” and “thank you”. Of course you do. It’s ingrained into us early, and by-and-large, most of us mind our manners and teach these basics to our children as soon as they start to interact with others. But when it comes to accepting compliments, we chronically forget our manners. It happens at parties, […]