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Did I just recommend s*cking up?

This week I contributed to the “Nine to Five” column in the Globe and Mail, responding to a burning question by an employee whose boss is playing favourites. A couple of online readers interpreted my recommendation to mean that the employee should s*ck up to the boss in order to get his/her contract renewed. (Hint: […]

The Leadership Balancing Act

The more senior one gets in an organization, the more closely one is observed. Your people make meaning out of everything you say and do, to emulate you and dutifully follow your lead, or to strategically oppose you. At the Executive level in particular, the way you act is a careful balancing act that requires […]

Clocking in, checking out.

  Last night, I was watching one of those addictive reality shows that gets you guessing about the value of “one person’s junk”. The B-plot of the episode of this particular show, set in a pawn shop, was about issues the owner was having with his employees. Apparently, they were cheating when it came to […]

The Self-Awareness Gap

Thought I’d share this interesting data from Hay Group (illustrated by Harvard Business Review) as a follow-up to my previous posting on gender differences. This chart shows an important way in which the genders are the SAME.  Have a look at the bottom line of the bar graph: Men and women are both pretty weak when it […]

Let’s own this, Ladies.

An article by the Degroote School of Business referencing a new study,  says that corporations with women on their Boards of Directors do better because of women’s cooperative approach to decision-making. Although the reporter decided to use the blatantly sexist title, “Women Make Better Decisions than Men”, I believe the point is that there’s a […]

A Network of true connections

When I say “network” (as in the noun), what do you think of? Most people immediately take a mental inventory of their level of popularity and come up with something like: “how many people like me and can help me out when I need it?” The way I define a healthy professional network is much […]